LCCC Internships Brochure

lccc_internships_brochureOne goal of the Career Services department at Lorain County Community College is to place LCCC students as interns in businesses throughout the surrounding community. They needed a brochure to build awareness about this resource, share information about the value of LCCC students and internships in general, and communicate their desire to become a trusted partner in finding top-quality interns to “Grow Your Workforce Here.”

This project was unique in that I not only designed the brochure, I also wrote the content. Starting from some hand-written notes and a rough draft, I first created an outline, asked for feedback, and then composed a first draft. Working directly with the client through their revisions, I finalized the content and moved on to design.

The brochure design followed the lead of a previous piece I worked on for this client, as well as fit comfortably within the LCCC design standards. Finally, the crucial student photo on the cover required some creative retouching to make it ready to publish.